About Us

Kingsman Scissors is a Canadian and Poland-based premium quality Barber Essentials distribution company. Kingsman Scissors initiated its journey in 2017. The company went enhancing and expanding its operations in and reserved a notable position of a key player in Canadian and Polish Market by 2021

The Story & Idea

After the 10X success in Poland and Canada, We start serving clients in more than 20 countries, now our company has planned to start the distribution of the products for more countries We are proud to make our clients satisfied and delighted.

We have a huge range of scissors, razors, knives and we are to cater to the different types of needs of our clients along with express shipping facility.

About Us
About Us
Our Vision
It is our passion to present high quality tools for our barbers and hair stylists making it convenient for them to give best cuts to their clients, ultimately creating a chain of satisfaction for everyone and making everyone feel delighted and happy.
Oor Goal
Our goal is not only to provide hair dressers with an appropriate set of scissors but to provide them with the shears and accessories which suit their personality as well.

We are Kingsman